Ophelia Dos Santos is a Welsh textile designer, advocating for climate action and sustainability within fashion. Focused on a collaborative effort, Ophelia aims to inspire environmental and social change by encouraging people to think about how we buy, re-use and throw away fashion. Through her workshops and embroidery, up-cycling services;

she educates people of how small changes can make great impact.


Community Workshops

Making environmentalism inclusive and accessible, with easy to follow workshops and embroidery tutorials. Exploring your creativity can be very empowering and rewarding, by learning a simple embroidery stitch you can refresh clothing and add to your wardrobe without buying newly produced.


Have an old item of clothing you want to give new life to? Up-cycling clothing you already own reduces textile waste going to landfill. Currently CLOSED for up-cycling and embroidery art commissions (September-October 2021).



The Conscious Blog documents all of my projects, collaborations and news. I also provide a reading list of resources for those interested in learning more about sustainable fashion.


Specialising in hand embroidery – I refresh and repair preloved clothing. Establishing an embroidered patchwork style, my contemporary works pay attention to surface, texture and colour, whilst combining traditional and modern techniques.

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