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Benefits Of Buying Custom 

Custom Wench corset by Rosie Evans; the Welsh designer sources her fabrics from second-hand textiles and vintage, with aims to inspire customers to shop consciously. Bag and denim skirt are both charity shop finds. Investing in a custom piece or a commissioned artwork, is a great way to shop more sustainably - it also gives you the opportunity to support local artists and designers.

Benefits of buying custom:

  • You know the location of where your clothes have been made.

  • Items are well made with quality materials.

  • They have a hand crafted feel.

  • Reduced waste through production.

  • Made to measure.

  • Can highlight your individual style.

  • Clothing that last longer & hold more personal value. 

  • Have your say in the design process.


  • Custom pieces and commissioned artwork can be expensive.

  • Most items will hold a no returns or refunds policy (due to the time spent on the work).

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