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Circular Economy, Swapping & Renting.

A circular economy or 'sharing economy' is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. The circular economy is heavily reliant on online exchanges and can also include the sharing of knowledge and information. Example include ride sharing, home lending, co-working etc.

Companies such as My Wardrobe HQ and OnLoan are connecting subscribers worldwide, to a system of temporary ownership of items by emerging designers and contemporary brands. My Wardrobe HQ is the UK’s leading marketplace for clothing rental, committed to sustainable fashion from its partnership with brands to their eco-friendly courier services. Its collection of items, including items from people’s wardrobes, are listed for a fraction of its recommended retail price, and it also gives you the option to buy if you want to keep your rental. Adding to the trend of renting, many people are now hosting swapping parties that today this might be done virtually. Attendees agree on a number of items they will bring to the event, providing they are clean and good quality – this can include accessories, bags and shoes.  Items are presented, swapping and donating begins. So that sizing isn’t an issue, its good to invite a mix of sizes so that each person has a least one other size match. 

Recently I have become a member of online peer-to-peer exchange community The Dress Change. The Dress Change promotes slow fashion, by organising swapping events and giving members the option to offer their unwanted clothes on their own online wardrobe. Members can bid on items of clothing, and members do not have to directly swap with each other.

Re-create scrap store in Cardiff

Re-create is a scrap store based in Cardiff, it is a volunteer led organisation that sources its recycled goods from high-street retailers and individual donations. Located in the Ely Industrial Estate, it aims to become a leading agency supporting environmental issues. The store is open Thursday-Saturday, and sell secondhand materials such as plastics, fabric and books.


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