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Patchwork Jeans: Shot by photographer @zxidy

Looking for some DIY patchwork inspiration? By up-cycling clothing you already own, you can reduced textile waste going to landfill. Created with scrap denim and second-hand beads, these patchwork bottoms incorporate patches found in the Embroidery Kit/DIY Patch (soon to be restocked).

DIY Patch: Embellish, Cut & Sew.

Embellish & Embroider

I include a pot of mixed glass beads in the embroidery kit for those who want to embellish their patchwork faces as well as embroider. Here I've use the pink and silver beads *these may not be in your kit* I mix beads at random.

Cut & Place

Once patch is complete, cut around the embroidery leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. I recommend leaving more space around the patch if you new to sewing.

Pin & Sew

I recommend playing around with placement before sewing your patch down (even trying on your item with the patch pinned on, to see what looks best). Here I have sewn this patch with a blanket stitch, step-by-step can be found here.

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