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The making

of 'Transparency' cover artwork

This year I finally got to work with the super talented musician and friend Pritt, to create a cover for her highly anticipated EP 'Transparency'. Pritt's style is best described as 'Eastern meets Western R&B', with works praised by renowned artists such as Chip and NAO.

It was important that we included images of her family, as her Tamil heritage has a huge influence on her music and image. Initially Pritt wanted a simple graphic styled mixed-media collage, combining images with embroidery. We developed this idea and experimented by layering different textures - tape, card, tracing paper and stamps.

The red embroidered text in Tamil roughly translates to 'you may feel like something is impossible when you start but once you actually complete it, you will reap the benefits!'. We took a few days to play around with layouts and sizing before making the final decision. The final piece was cleaned up on Photoshop (still keeping to the raw, hand crafted style) and added the 'parental advisory' sticker.

My favourite tracks from Transparency are 'Top Boy', 'Love Ting' and 'Growing Pains'. You can listen to the EP on Spotify, Apple Music and other steaming platforms. 

Pritt's Instagram:

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