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Ophelia Dos Santos is a Welsh textile designer, advocating for climate justice and sustainability within fashion. Focused on a collaborative effort, Ophelia aims to inspire environmental and social change by encouraging people to think about how we buy, re-use and throw away fashion. Through her workshops and embroidery, up-cycling services;

she educates people of how small changes can make great impact.



Making climate action inclusive and accessible; with easy to follow and engaging workshops and community projects. Exploring your creativity can be empowering and rewarding, by learning a simple embroidery stitch you can refresh clothing and turn these new skills into a means for change.



Embroidery Commissions

Have an old item of clothing you want to give new life to? Up-cycling clothing you already own reduces textile waste going to landfill. Currently CLOSED for up-cycling and embroidery art commissions.


My blog documents community projects, collaborations and workshops. Think pieces that explore over-consumption, climate justice and sustainable fashion. I also list the learning resources I've been using; article, podcast and film etc.

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