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Embroidery Kit/DIY Patch Tutorial

Here I have added 3 embroidery patches to a pair of second-hand Levi's I bought from Flamingos Vintage, in Cardiff. By reinventing a pair of jeans or an old top for example, you can add to your wardrobe with reduced environmental impact. I've left these patches as they are, but If you want to customised your patch with beading or more hand embroidery techniques; you should do this before cutting the patch from the fabric (embroidery tutorials on 'Embroidery' page). Embroidery Kit/DIY Patches are available at my online shop.

  1. Cut out embroidered patchwork face, leaving 1.5cm seam allowance around the embroidered area.

  2. Pin patch to the area of garment you would like to apply it to. I recommend trying your garment on with the patch to find the best placement.

  3. On my example below, I have used a blanket stitch with embroidery thread to sew on my patch. If you are new to sewing I would recommend using the embroidery thread to apply your patch piece because it will create a strong seam, but feel free to experiment!


Blanket Stitch

Tips for sewing onto trousers...

Tips for sewing patches: If you are sewing onto trousers, place a book inside the leg of the trouser before sewing (this will stop you from sewing the legs together). Make sure to clip or pin the pockets of your trouser up, when sewing on patches near the top of trouser.

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