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Creatives of the Capital:

St Davids Day Embroidery

commissioned by FOR CARDIFF.

Commissioned by @forcardiff I was asked to create a work that tells a story of Cardiff city centre - alongside 9 other amazing artists, ranging in disciplines from dance artists, portraits painters to digital and mixed media artists.

My inspiration for this piece was an embroidered artwork passed down from my Grandma. The ‘Festival of Britain’ embroidery details a map of Britain with small figures dressed in tradition garments. In my own embroidered map, I include some of Cardiff’s best known landmarks and Welsh symbols. Artwork 25cm x 40xm on scrap canvas.

My relationship with Cardiff and its city centre has changed in the last year. As a young creative I had always set my sites on leaving the city to pursue my career, for cities more renown for fashion such as London. Lockdowns of 2020 had forced me to take better notice of the creative scene in Cardiff, encouraging me to reach out and network amongst other Welsh creatives. Allowing myself to fall in love with the city again as an adult, I now find myself appreciating Cardiff more than ever! This is something I will be exploring further in new works this month.

Embroidery artwork passed down from my Grandma, used as inspiration for my St Davids Day piece.

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