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Thrifting in Tokyo

Fashion in Tokyo is known for its diversity and bold self-expression. From the shiny luxury brands of Harijuku and Shibuya, to the endless vintage shops of Shimokitazawa district. The shopping experience itself felt very important in Japan, with many concept stores offering crazy light displays and interactive tech. I definitely spent a lot of time people watching, in awe of the outfits mixing global brands with personal vintage finds.

The long denim jacket I had bought for about £40 in a vintage store. This item is a good example of how sizing may be misleading at vintage and charity shops. The GUESS denim jacket was sized XL, I’m usually a S/M in jackets however it fitted perfectly. This might be due to shrinkage over the years or because Japanese sizing is typically smaller. Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and linen are prone to shrinkage. Often through washing and drying processes, to prevent this you should wash them at low temperatures/hand wash, and leave them to dry naturally (check the label to be sure).

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