A Nude

10th Jan. New work; embroidery re-creation of nude painting by Amedeo Modigliani.


5th Jan. Images from my latest shoot, with Welsh photographer @zxidy.

Shop Small!

25th Nov. List of Christmas gift ideas by Welsh businesses & artisans.

Reading List

2nd November.  Weekly updates for my recommendations; readings, podcast, documentaries etc.

Patch Tutorial

26th October. Cut, place & sew.  Embroidery Kit/DIY Patch tutorial on denim jeans.

Rosie Evans Collab

2nd October. From fangirl to collaborator! My embroidery project with Rosie Evans.


26th September. This weekend I put together my Lydia Bolton DIY Top.

Makings of 'Transparency' cover

11th September. Details of my first album cover art! For R&B artist Pritt.

Second-hand September

1st September. Oxfam encourages us to only shop second-hand for a month.

Why Buy Custom?

22nd August. New sustainably sourced corset: the benefits of buying custom.

Hand Painted Silk

15th August. Hand painted items bought from a small boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Thrifting in Tokyo

21st July. Post about my shopping experiences in Japan, March 2020.

Mindful Buying

19th June. How to shop more mindfully & ways to refresh your wardrobe with embroidery.

Circular Economy

10th June. What is the circular economy? Swapping & renting explained.

Independent Brands

7th June. My favourite sustainable & independent brands.

ALIS.KNITS Collaboration

June 11th. Collaborative project with Welsh knitwear designer ALIS.KNITS.



All my mini projects made over lockdown. April-June 2020.

Upcoming Collab

May 2020. Ophelia Dos Santos  X ? 

Coming soon.